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The purpose of this policy is to inform the users of the website (hereinafter the “Site”) that belongs to and is operated by the company under the name “Cerved Property Services S.A.”, and the distinctive title “Cerved Property Services”, with Trade Registry No J40/9876/2005 with registered office in Romania, Bucharest, 1st District, 169A Calea Floreasca, Building B, Floreasca Business Park, 7th Floor (hereinafter “CPS”), on the use of cookies (hereinafter collectively referred to as “cookies”) on this Site, their purpose and the processing of the information that CPS collected through them.

The Site use is subject to the Terms of use and the terms of the Notice on the Processing of personal data through the Site where you can be informed on the processing of the visitors’ personal data.

In the framework of processing of personal data via Site’s active cookies CPS complies with the applicable legislation on personal data protection and more precisely the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 (GDPR), as well as directives and regulations of the National Supervisory Authority of Personal Data Processing (

CPS commits to respect and protect the security of your personal data. The Cookies Policy (hereinafter the “Policy”) explains how CPS processes personal data and other information related to you, the users of the Ste (hereinafter “user” or “you” or “your”) via the use of cookies.

CPS reserves the right to update or revise this Policy at any time, so please check this page on a regular basis for any changes.

1. What cookies are

Navigating on the Site will result in the receipt of cookies, brief text strings that the websites visited send to the user’s browser (i.e., the program used to navigate, such as Chrome, Explorer, Mozilla, etc.), where they are stored and then retransmitted to those websites during subsequent users’ visits.

The use of cookies enables CPS to recognize your device, collect information in relation to patterns of use when you navigate through the Site, store information regarding your preferences or previous actions, enhance your online and customized experience. To find out more about cookies including finding which cookies have been installed in your devices you may visit:, or, or

We use “persistent” cookies as well as “session” cookies. A persistent cookie is stored on your device, is not automatically deleted when you close your browser, and will remain for a period of time set for that cookie. A session cookie, on the other hand, is allocated only for the duration of your visit to our website and automatically expires when you close your browser.


2. We use the following cookies categories:

2.1. Technically essential cookies

These cookies are used to help make our Site work efficiently and enable you to browse around it and use its features; used e.g., to keep track of your input when filling online forms over several pages and help us ensure that the content of your page loads quickly and effectively (load balancing).

2.2. Functionality cookies

These cookies help us to enhance your experience by doing things like remembering preferences, choices you make while browsing or past actions; for instance, such cookies may remember preferences such as text size, fonts, and other customizable site elements.

More precisely, the cookies used by the Site are the following:

First-party cookies (CPS)





Data controller



Unique number that the Site's server assigns to a specific user. It can be stored as a cookie, form field, or URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

Used during browsing.



Technically essential

The cookie used by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) for load balancing management. Essentially, the cookie helps maintain the user's session on a specific server for the duration of the visit.

1 year



Technically essential

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) uses this cookie for load balancing management, which supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS).

7 days



Technically essential

This cookie stores the user's preferences regarding the acceptance of the privacy policy.

1 year



Technically essential

Shows the length of the period at which a service can store or/and read certain data from your computer by using a cookie, a pixel, an API, cookieless tracking, or other resources.

1 year



Technically essential

Shows the length of the period at which a service can store and/or read certain data from your computer by using a cookie, a pixel, an API, cookieless tracking, or other resources.

1 year



In case certain cookies categories require your prior consent in order to be installed and used, you are requested for such consent via a relevant message (banner), which appears when you enter the Site.

In case you choose not to provide your consent or delete certain cookies, you will still be able to visit the Site, but its functionality might be limited; declining certain types of cookies may affect your experience while navigating in the Site and the services we offer.


3. Recipients of personal data of the users

CPS does not in principle share the personal data of the users that CPS collects through cookies with any third party. Access to the personal data of the users may be given to trusted external service providers engaged by CPS, such as companies providing IT services and Site hosting, only to the extent necessary for the provision of their services to CPS. These service providers act as data processors in relation to the personal data of the users and are bound to process the personal data of the users exclusively on behalf and under CPS’s instructions and to implement strict security measures for protecting the personal data of the users.


4. How to update cookies settings

Most browsers enable the control of most cookies via their settings.

Find out how to manage cookies in commonly used browsers:


5. Legal basis for the processing of your personal data

We process your personal data collected via the use of cookies when and as permitted by applicable law, i.e., in cases where we have a legal basis for their processing. Depending on the case, we process your personal data based on the following legal bases:

  • You have provided your consent to enable installation and use of certain cookies.
  • The processing via technically essential cookies for which you consent is not required is necessary in order to provide you with a service via the Site as well as for the legitimate interests of CPS which is the effective operation of the Site.


6. Duration of processing

In general, we store your personal data for the time necessary as provided for by applicable law, depending on the purpose and type of processing. With regard to the retention period of cookies, please refer to the table above.


7. Your rights

Subject to the conditions provided by the applicable legislation, you have specific rights in relation to the protection of your personal data. For more information on your rights and how to exercise them you can visit the Notice on the processing of personal data via the Site.