Cookies Policy for the site
We sometimes use/place small text files on your computer or mobile device, so-called “cookies”, in order to improve the functionality of our website (, hereinafter referred to as “website”) and improve your navigation experience. Find out what cookies are, which cookies we use and how you can disable them. 

What are cookies
Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer or your mobile device when you visit a website. The website uses cookies to remember what you did on the website and what your preferences (such as language) are for a certain period of time. That means you do not need to re-enter your preferences each time you visit the website or navigate between pages.Moreover, cookies help us analyze how you use our website and whether you encounter difficulties during navigation. Visit to learn more about cookies.
On our website we use functionality cookies and usage statistics cookies.  Click here for detailed information about the cookies we use. 
Two types of cookies may be used on our website “session” cookies and “persistent” cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain on your device until you leave our website. Persistent cookies remain on your device much longer or until you delete them yourselves (the time these cookies remain on your device depends on their expiration period and your browser settings) (Please see below “How to delete the cookies”)
Cookies are stored on your device only after you have given your consent. 

Functionality Cookies 
Functionality cookies allow the website to remember your choices, such as language. This way we can provide you with enhanced and personalized features. 
They do not enable us to track your browsing activity on other websites.

Usage Statistics Cookies 
In order to improve our website, we use cookies to collect information about the time and way in which visitors interact with our website and the services it offers. For instance, cookies are used to determine how many times a visitor saw a certain page.

How to delete the cookies
You can delete the cookies and disable their use. Choose your browser and follow the instructions:
Internet Explorer
If you use a different browser, follow the instructions from its provider.
The present Cookies Policy is complemented by the Personal Data Notice

Detailed information about the cookies used on the website 


Cookie’s name Cookie’s provider Purpose  Details
ASP.NET SessionID (session cookie) Cerved Property Services S.A. Functionality of the website This cookie informs the web-server which session belongs to which user. 
eps#lang (session cookie) Cerved Property Services S.A. Functionality of the website This cookie retains the language preferences of the user.
SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE (persistent cookie) Cerved Property Services S.A. Usage Statistics This cookie is used to identify repeated visits from one single user.
SC_ANALYTICS (session cookie) Cerved Property Services S.A. Usage Statistics This cookie is used to define a series of HTTP requests from a user. 
Cookies starting with _ _ga, _gid, _gat. Google Analytics, Google AdWords  Web analytics These are web analytics cookies provided by Google Inc. They are used to collect information about how visitors use the website. We use them to gather statistical information and data that will help us improve our website. These cookies may also be used to provide users with a better tailored, personalised advertising experience. To learn more about how Google uses cookies and additional information collected via our website, read its Privacy Policy for Google Analytics and DoubleClick/AdWords.
If you do not want Google to collect such information, use the opt-out plugin. It works in most browsers.
 Cookies starting with _hj*.  HotJar  Usage Statistics HotJar uses these cookies to collect statistical data about how visitors use the website. It also stores data on how certain widgets, such as survey, are displayed to each visitor. Learn how HotJar uses cookies. 
 Cb-enabled Cerved Property Services Inform visitors This cookie refers to the acceptance of Cookies Policy on behalf of the visitor.