Market Research

Our Company emphasizes as well in the research & development of cutting edge digital tools that help to:

  • closely monitor the property market in Greece as well as in SE Europe 
  • keep in touch with the prevailing conditions 
  • identify trends by issuing quarterly property indices and forecasts 
  • publish periodical market reports, which constitute a reliable source of information on the major industry sectors. 
  • conduct specialized market research for individual customers
  • explore and evaluate emerging markets 


Our Company invests in advanced tools used for valuation assessment, effective risk management, market insights and the exploration of new market opportunities.Through the following tools we provide you with valuable information and a competitive advantage to build your strategy plan and make efficient decisions.

  • Regularly Updated Market Reports (Annual, Periodical, Specialized)
  • Residential & Commercial Indices help to
    • monitor the market
    • identify trends
  • Forecasts provide vital market insight
  • to predict the values for a single property or a portfolio
  • to build an exit strategy
  • to help management decisions
  • Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is based on a highly processed index database to produce valuations 
    • for multiple applications: 
    • monitoring the values of NPL Portfolios on a day/quarter/semi-annual or annual basis 
    • making efficient strategic decisions regarding single properties or a portfolio negotiating with borrowers the loan repayment plans etc.
  • Value at Risk Models (VaR Models), VaR models:
    • VaR Models examine multiple 1-3 year scenarios of property values both for a single property and large portfolios in Greece. 
    • The simulation calculates statistical measures for the variability of values as well as it provides the user with a detailed analysis of the loss property or portfolio profile under extreme scenarios in a specific time period.
    • It allows you to collect information on the value-loss profile of your portfolio and in turn plan your management strategy.
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