Corporate Responsibility

We have adopted an environmentally responsible attitude

Cerved believes that environmentally responsible action is an essential part of sustainable business growth. As a financial group we are aware of the environmental impact of our activities, and seek the optimum use of natural resources, along with the mitigation of waste production. Moreover, we are aware of the indirect impacts from our financing and investment activities, as well as from the relationships we develop with our customers and the society at large.
We are committed to assess the impact of our activities on the environment, to set appropriate objectives and targets, to continually control and improve our environmental performance, and to adhere to local, national and international laws and regulations.

We believe that environmental management is an integral part of an enterprise’s proper and socially responsible behavior. To this end, we adopt an environmentally responsible attitude in our day to day operation, which is also, gradually, adopted towards our shareholders, our customers and suppliers, as well as towards the society at large, implementing sound environmental practices, and promoting economic growth.


In addition to complying with the aforementioned general principles of the Group's environmental policy, Cerved Property Services commits itself to taking all measures, within the scope of controlling its activities, to prevent pollution and to mitigate the contribution to climate change.

Additionally, the Company's management and staff ensure that all environmental commitments that have been signed are adhered to.